Robert Goreta

I’m a Slovenian motivational coach and the author of literary best-sellers Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way and Diamond of Life, which inspired and motivated thousands of Slovenians. I’m a QE (Quantum Entrainment) Practioner, seeker of life’s truths and ancient wisdom, and an excellent speaker, who fills listeners with enthusiasm just by my simple way of public appearance full of positive energy and useful advice.

I’m the first hearing impaired person, graduated from Economics in Slovenia and well known by many people in business world and by lots of other people who are attending his educational programs: lectures, seminars, classes and workshops on motivation, rhetorics, communication skills and personal growth.

I’m publishing newsletter in Slovenian language with more than 5,000 subscribers. Since Slovenia is a country of only 2 million of inhabitants, this number of subscribers are really huge.

In the year 2003 my personal coach was Mr. Boris Vene, known as the author of the international bestseller called The Millionaire Mindset – How to Tap Real Wealth From Within.

More than 6.000 people have participated to my lectures, seminars, workshops and classes. My seminars, lectures and courses are unique because there are not many speakers, who are able to have such an exceptional public appearance while being almost completely deaf.

Namely, I have been using a hearing aid since the first grade of elementary school, and even though my hearing is below 5 %, this does not present an obstacle on my life path. Despite my “misfortune”, I took advantage of great opportunities and wonderful gifts.

In my eBook The More You Give, The More You Receive!, I clearly presents fundamental principles, according to which the universe functions, and practical examples, with which I illustrate the power of our thoughts and beliefs. We are able to achieve much more that we can dare to imagine, but often we have too little trust in life and ourselves. Let’s decide that on our life path we, like the author, will begin to respect the laws of nature and act in a manner that will enrich the lives of others!

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The bridge between East and West – connecting different energies!

I believe this website could be a bridge between East and West, especially because my country, Slovenia is in the center of the Europe. About six months ago my good friend gave me a packet of 10 energetic cards of surprise. Each one was unique, hand made by her, and each one has a different message and a picture.

When she gave me one, I was only allowed to choose one energetic card of surprise – I chose a card with a motive of pyramid on it. The message written in this card was a surprise. Just few people know, what is written in it and now you know, too. In this mysterious card writes:

An ancient Egypt carries in the symbolic of pyramids a deeper knowledge of energetic and message value. This word (a PYRAMID) follows you in different situations and symbolic meanings, so it would be good to discover all the possible means of this word for you. In the word PYRAMID is a power, which connects the sky and the land, the day and the night, the rain and the sky. Maybe you are the connector of energies and that is why you have chosen this word?

Do you understand this great message? It was written that I am a connector of energies. And on this website I want to connect the best authors of e-books on the world. Great writers, great speakers, great people, great souls … and make every person who will come to this web site – more happier, more rich, more prosperous, more healthier …

Welcome dear Friends, to make together better and richer World!

With love from SLOVEnia!

Robert Goreta

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