In life, there is something more …

A friend of mine recently forwarded me a video in which Nick Vujičič sings a song SOMETHING MORE.

Somehow “by coincidence” I have also managed to find a clip on YouTube, to which one good soul has added subtitles, so you can also read what Nick speaks and sings.

I am convinced that you will be delighted seeing this video and in future dare more in your life and get to life your dreams and listen to your heart. No matter in what life situation or test we currently are located, there is always a way, to overcome this and take a step forward.

It is always worth remembering that life is really something more, and that we are all not only a physical body, but boundless, infinite and almighty. We are “all”, although sometimes we feel like “nobody”. Even in the “dark night of the soul” there are blessings, we just need to recognize them and listen to ourselves, to our feelings, heart and soul.

Enjoy listening and watching the video, forward it to your friends and recall – In life, there is something more …

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