How to heal apologizing and excuses?

Apologizes and excuses? Is it familiar? Actually everyone finds excuses and apologies. Many years ago I read a book with the title No excuse!, in which the author says that we need to stop with the excuses and take action. … Read More

How to become more creative?

Today we will talk about creativity. Many years ago the known American novelist Sinclair Lewis has had a lecture at the university. The room was completely full of enthusiastic students, who were with open eyes and ears waiting for what the … Read More

Whoever has will be given more

The year 2016 is completed and we have entered the year 2017. How did you start this year? Did you change anything within yourself in relation to the year 2017? Have you forgiven yourself and others for all things that … Read More

Comeback to the roots

Variability is the only one permanency in our life. When we follow own heart, initial sound and soul, there are new doors, new opportunities and message before us. The contemporaneousness comes in sight and we know what to do in … Read More

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