Comeback to the roots

Variability is the only one permanency in our life. When we follow own heart, initial sound and soul, there are new doors, new opportunities and message before us.

The contemporaneousness comes in sight and we know what to do in appointed situation. Do we hear these contemporaneousness and messages or we ignore them? The choice is our at all times.

Every decision has defined consequences. In the year 1999 I felt that I could change my name and surname on the base of numerology. Most of you, who reads this note, knows me as Roy Goreya.

Many people asked me where my name and surname are from, where my origin is. Am I maybe American in Slovenia or we speak English on my workshops? In the same cases I explained that I made the numerological change of my name in surname. For somebody it was “strange”, somebody asked me same details about numerology…

In the year 2003, in the time before edition of my book Diamond of Life, my coach was Boris Vene. In times past we have very interesting conversation about changing of my name. I wanted to avoidance the theme because I was influence over “numerological calculates and vibrations”. Boris told me something very interesting: the point is not to run a way from myself with the change of name but to change and accept myself and my name and surname would have completely new consecutiveness.

tree-rootsIn October 2011 I have been on father’s grave. On the tombstone was name Goreta. And I asked myself: ”Where is Goreta coming from? What is his origin? What roots?” The answers were coming spontaneously…

Then I asked myself about Goreya and … no origin, no roots, no descent. I suddenly realised that with change of own name and surname you automatic cut off your own roots … and deny part of yourself, your essence. With Goreya I asked myself a question more: ”Can I imagine that my children have surname Goreya?” The answer was immediate and determined NO. And I was brought to a standstill. Thinking.

But it was not the end of contemporaneousness. I got a order for one of my books. I put my name to every book. So this time – I take a pencil in my hand and put my name to the book. With difficulty. I was “thinking” hard. Hand did not slip smoothly, it was hard to write. O God, I thought, what is happened to me.

After few days I met my good friend Anton. He said he had a “message” and I took piece of paper and pencil. After that – instruction: write your real name and what do you feel about that. Hand slipped on paper – my birth name Robert Goreta in first two thoughts were – happiness and smile. After that a moment of silence. And inner peace. Aha, that’s it …

My mind puts in gear. But, Roy … Do you know how many Slovenes know you as Roy Goreya? You write the books, lead the seminars, you are guru for same of them, you are teacher and you can not change your name after 12 years … What could people think? Yes, that’s my mind, ego…

After that my heart puts in gear. Robert Goreta – this is you, this is your energy, this is your mission, your soul, your essence, your chief. At the moment I got different insight at all, on life, universe and cognizance that no one got his name and surname by accident.

At my seminars and in my books I am talking about power of thought, doing through heart, being what we are, loving, receiving… but I change my name and surname before 12 years for “happiness”. These days I know that I denied myself instead of to receive. Few days ago I wrote on Facebook that happiness is not in stars on sky or in the defined numbers but in heart and soul.

In shaman tradition our ancestors are very important. In film You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay, Gregg Braden is talking about his Indian friend who thanks to ancestors before prayer for rain. Also at Ho’oponopono is cleansing procedure to thank ancestors and to do honor.

Our name and surname are, word for word, “code” or connection with our ancestors, family and roots. Plant of tree needs strong and blow away roots to become a giant and healthy tree. If the roots are not strong, the tree could not subsist. The same is with us – when we deny our roots, we deny own tree of life, ancestors in ourselves.

With change name from numerological Roy Goreya to birth Robert Goreta I am probably the only one in Slovenia and maybe in world. I awakened my birth name. On this way I awakened genuine domestic roots with message: the secret is not in the name but in the man, his heart and soul.

Thank you for your attention. Be what you feel inside.

With lot of love on every step in your life!

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