There is no excuse!

When I was still working on my book called Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way, I offered it to more than 30 publishers, but no one wanted to publish it. At that point I could easily give up and say to myself that my book was not meant to see the light, I could throw the sponge up but – There was no excuse!

Thinking about the past now, I think it is even better that I didn’t find a publisher, because I learned a lot from looking for the right printing-house and other things that were connected to publishing the book, and even today I have been using this knowledge.

When I had graduated in Economics at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, my search for the right job began. And only then I had to cope with a number of rejections and misjudgements by the employers because of my being hard of hearing. I can not communicate well over the phone (to do business and make long conversations), because I lack the visual aid – lip-reading.

At the end of the year 2000, after being employed for 6 months, I found myself unemployed again. That happened right in the middle of the summer at the time of vacation when nobody was hiring new workers (except for students for the summer work). At that time I could easily make excuses to myself that I couldn’t find the right job because of my hearing aid, that I couldn’t write job applications because of the summer vacation, when everyone was off work. But, what could that be good for? I said to myself: »There is no excuse!«

Being hard of hearing, deaf, blind, suffer from muscle distortion, paraplegia, tetraplegia or any other form of being handicapped, should never be an excuse. If we surrender to self-pity and think to ourselves that life has punished us and that our surroundings does not understand us, that we are curtailed for some things because we do not have this and that – then we automatically trigger the Natural Laws (you can find out more about them in my new e-book called The More You Give, The More You Receive!).

What can we learn from those Natural Laws? We can learn that life always gives us back what we invest in it. If we seed self-pity, weak confidence and all sorts of inferiority complexes about ourselves into our mind, then we are digging our own grave. We only receive what we give and seed into our own thoughts.

I often tell to participants of my seminars and lecturers the following: »Our thoughts are the reasons and our present conditions are the consequences.« Maybe you will think that this sentence is a little bit exaggerated, but if you look more closely at what has been going on in your everyday’s life, you will understand my point.

Nowadays, I enjoy lecturing and guiding all sorts of workshops on the subject of personal growth and positive thinking (even though it hasn’t been like that forever, because I had a big fear of public speaking). I have a lot of experiences in that field now. In the time when I was still coping with my fear of speaking in public (I always got a much lower grade when being graded in front of the blackboard in primary and secondary school than at written exams), I could easily make excuses and say that I would never be able to learn how to speak in public and how to cope with my fear of public speaking.

But as I have said many times – There is no excuse! When I used to study at the Faculty of Economics, I signed for the Rhetoric course in the second year of my study. I gained so much self-confidence and experiences in public speaking, that it was there where I learned how to speak in public.

I still have this fear (well, who doesn’t have it, right?), but I learnt how to manage it. From that time on, I have been on TV and radio a number of times; I have also guided numerous lectures, workshops, etc. But all things began to take a turn for the better with that one simple sentence: »There is no excuse!«

What can be even more beautiful than learning how to live – with no excuse? The next time you mention to someone that you can not do something, because you do not have enough time, will or money for it, or you are lacking something else – do remember that there have been people, who had done it even before you, even though they might have been in an even worse situation than you are now.

Life – With no excuse! – means that we always speak the way we think. Because when our friend invites us to go to the cinema together, to the basketball game or to play tennis, but you are not in a mood to go out, then it is better to explain it to our friend that we do not feel like going out, rather than making up all sorts of excuses.

Some weeks ago I was talking to one of my good friends about what I have just said; that it is good to find some time for yourself, too, no matter whether your friends would rather see you going out or do anything else with them.

There are moments when we have to stop, think about ourselves, go out into the nature and take a break from our everyday life. But what should we do out there in the nature? Nothing! Just nothing! Does it sound a bit crazy? Listen to the birds singing, how the trees rustle, how the rivulet or the river in the distance purls!

Do surrender to the nature, do switch off yourself for a moment from this too fast moving world. Believe me that you are going to feel more than great! Then you will realise that you are in no hurry, that you do not have to live in those constant excuses and apologies, but simply in the synthesis and vibration of the Universe.

P.S. Will you be now still searching for the excuses?

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