It is all about our energy, focus and feelings

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine that you are holding $500,000 in your hands. Keep that mental image clearly in front of your eyes, let your mental image be as thorough and emotional as possible. Blend with the image and become one with it. Feel the energy, beauty and mightiness of money, which you are holding in your hands. Wow! You are holding $500,000 in your hands. You are rich! Halleluiah! Be joyful!

Then slowly open your eyes and think about the feelings, thoughts and expectations that you were seized with holding that money. Did you feel good when you were gently holding $500,000 in your hands, as you would a small child? What kind of feelings did you have? Pleasant? Warm? Did you feel abundance, joy, and pleasure?

Submerge into these feelings and thoughts, and become one with this energy of money. Also, pay attention to your fears – are you afraid of loosing this money, or are you perhaps afraid of it being stolen from you? What if you foolishly spend it all? Are you afraid of that too?

What would you buy with the $500,000? How would you spend the money? Where would you travel and in what kind of car would you drive around, in what kind of house or apartment would you live? Do you think you would rather travel around the world and have fun, or put the money in the bank, invest it in mutual funds and real estate? Would you rather spend part of the money, give some away, or keep it all for yourself and jealously hide it from the rest of the world?

Sometimes we say: »Oh, lucky those who have $500,000 in funds. How happy and satisfied they are; they can have all they want!« But when saying that we also forget that these people too have their fears and worries about their money, just as we have them.

The only difference is that the rich and wealthy people are thinking, where and how to invest their millions and how to make a cash flow so that the energy of money could circle around and return even more abundantly. But our thinking is a bit different from theirs – we mostly worry about how to make it through the month and how to pay all the bills and make sure that the basic needs of our family and children are satisfied.

Joy, cheerfulness and excitement are the driving force of the rich, however, fear is the driving force of the poor and they are asking themselves what the next day is going to bring them.

The rich focus on thoughts of abundance and the poor focus on thoughts of shortage and all the bills and debts they have to pay off. That what you focus on grows and grows… because it is all in the energy of thoughts and the law of attraction.

And for the end – what do you see on your bank account when you get the monthly statement from the bank? If you see minus $1,000, play with the number a little; first make a copy of the bank statement, then take a correcting pen and correct the sum to $10,000. Do not focus on your debts, just focus on the money coming to you because you have $10,000 on your bank account.

I wish you thoughts full of abundance!

P.S. And of course, do expect a cheque! 🙂

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