Do you follow your heart and your dreams?

Stories about ups and downs, about success and failure, about health and illness, about happiness and unhappiness are a part of our life. We all have seen the bottom, but also the top of the world, but what counts the most in our life is that in spite of all our failures, defeats and lost opportunities we keep following our life mission.

I believe that our fundamental life mission lies in inspiring and helping each others… There are moments in our life when we do a certain thing only to get the money for our existence; but there are also moments, when we do some certain things only to help other people, to inspire them and to give them some courage and power to them.

Moments, which we remember the most in our lives, are the moments when we felt joy, happiness and pleasure, when we helped and advised someone or sold a quality product to a person, when we tried to listen to that someone and encouraged him… There are many different ways how to help each others.

I want to share with you one of the latest life stories which truly inspired me deeply. This is a story of Paul Potts – the winner of the Britain’s Got Talent show. Paul has seen quite a lot of ups and downs in his life, he had health problems, he survived a car accident and a bunch of other displeasure, but he also knew how to listen to his own heart and follow his life mission – to inspire other people with his wonderful voice.

Myself I am not the biggest fan of opera, but Paul’s voice and singing drew me in some special way, because when listening to his singing I could feel Paul not just singing songs, but also all the effort and energy of his personality he put into songs and the performance. I felt that when he sang, he sang from his heart.

Paul’s life had truly changed a lot since March 17th (it was broadcast on 9 June), when he had an audition on Britain’s Got Talent show and all through to the final show on June 17th in 2007. Watch his first performance – the audition from March 17th in 2007.

He came to the audition with a big heart and huge love to singing. That was what kept driving him forward in his life until he finally managed to fulfill his dreams.

Listen to Paul’s singing carefully, feel the energy of excitement over his performance and then think about how do you live in your life – do you live from your heart and follow your dreams?

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