How to heal apologizing and excuses?

Apologizes and excuses? Is it familiar? Actually everyone finds excuses and apologies. Many years ago I read a book with the title No excuse!, in which the author says that we need to stop with the excuses and take action.

Of course we have some hard times in our lives, but if we follow the advice of Robert Schuller we know that tough times never last, but tough people do. In fact, in these difficult moments we can recognize what we are and what we are actually capable of. When the water runs in our throat and we are literally sinking, we can find in ourself a power or force to find a solution and get on the right path.

A mother, who sees a child in a critical situation (e.g. under a car or some other large and difficult thing), gets from somewhere the strength to do the impossible – to move the car. They are also known cases when lame people or immobile in a wheelchair stood up in the event of an emergency situation (fire) and walked and saved their lives.

Inside such situations we become a click (do not know how to rephrase it) and we find extreme power (I can say that the aid Ceiling), inspiration and motivation to do what seemed impossible. When you put the right question to the universe, you get the right answer.

Nowadays we hear a lot about the economic crisis and the number of unemployed is growing. A lot of writes to me and says that they are unemployed. However, the difference is, if you call yourself an unemployment or a job seeker. This is a slight change of mind-mindedness, which can cause large changes in the life of a human being. What is your mental attitude at this moment? Or maybe you are looking for excuses and apologies to this and not to do?

It is necessary to get out of the comfort zone, we hope to cope with the trials of life, not only to apologize or make excuses, but to make a bold step forward and to find the best solution. Napoleon Hill (author of the book »Think and Grow Rich«) was also standing before his life test. While he was thinking about what to do, he said to himself “There is an exit and I’m going to find it, before I go back into the house.” This sentence he repeated at least a thousand times and he thought what he was talking about. And then like a flash in his head appeared an idea, that was so fierced, that he couldn’t ignore it.

Did you know that the rule: “The more successful a man is, the less he apologizes.” really is so? Remember this at the next opportunity, when you are looking for excuses. The most prevalent forms of apologizes by David Schwartz are as follows:

1. My health is not solid enough.

A man had tuberculosis, but he still worked, raised his family and enjoyed life. At the age of 78 years he said, “I’m going to live until I die and I don’t intend to mix life with death. While I’m on this earth, I’m alive. Why would I be only half alive? Every minute we spent by worry about death, is the minute in which we could be dead, too.”

Try the following advices:

  • Stop talking about your disease.
  • Stop worrying about your health.
  • Be sincerely grateful to your health as well.
  • Remember that “a better advantage is better than to rust.”

2. I have a lack of intelligence to succeed.

The thinking, that leads our intelligence, is much more important than our intelligence quotient. And if we are in a particular case sufficiently persistent, courageous, focused, targeted, sooner or later success comes. The persistence is 95% of our capacity.

In some insurance company the leading quarter of the agents sold more than three quarters of all insurance, the lower quarter only five percent. The survey showed that the intelligence had in the performance no role. The difference was crucial in their mental orientation. Einstein said: “For the people is more important, that they use their mind for thinking and not for the storage of the facts.”

3. I’m too old (or young).

At the moment, when we start to think differently and we’re not looking for more excuses to our age, something interesting happens. We feel better, literally look younger. If it’s bothering you, then help yourself with the following tips:

  • I accept the present age positive.
  • Calculate how many active years are still ahead of you.
  • In the future do what you really want.

4. I have “bad luck”, while others have “good luck”.

This is another form of apologizing, which a lot of people do. “Happiness” does not happen just like that, it does not fall from the sky. Often a man with “good luck” works, is exploring, studying for many years and then as a result of all these activities he has success. The surrounding area is not seen or felt all these years of human thought and physical investment in success, and so many says that this is “good luck”. Luck is nothing more than our mental attitude, our focus, and we also do something for it. Easy paths to success (no matter what anyone of us already means success) don’t exist.

To conclude today’s meeting: If we are in life looking for excuses or apologies, why certain things not to do (or do not make), we shall remember that the creator endowed as at birth with all the talents we need for success. It is true that somebody has a medical test, that the other does not have the highest IQ and the third starts fairly late studying or working, but this does not hinder people on their way to joy, happiness and prosperity.

Apologizes and excuses can be healed. You just need to decide it. 🙂

May you be accompanied by an abundance of courage for the best results!

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