Money and spiritual world

Money spoils people.
Spiritual people have no money.
Money is the source of all evil.
All rich people are bastards.
Money is not the reflection of God.
To be rich means to be unhappy.
You can not be rich and spiritual.
Rich people are greedy.
Not everyone can be rich.

The above statements are just a few amongst many wrong thoughts about money and its role in our lives. I have read many books of authors that describe the »unseen« spiritual world.

In all these books there is not a single world, which would point to the statement that money is bad, that we must avoid it to become »spiritual«, knowledgeable and as close to God as possible. Not a single one channeled message (»reading«) of the »unseen« spiritual world of angels speaks about the facts written above, but people still think that being »spiritual« means being without any money.

On the contrary, angels even encourage us and give us messages how to change our perception about money and its role in our life, they even tell us which methods to use to attract even more money and abundance into our lives.

Messages of the spiritual world are often so clear, doubtless and simple, and direct that it is hard for us not to see them, but yet we are wandering in the dark and live on the edge of poverty and shortage. Why don’t we listen to those messages? Why don’t we pay attention to them? Why don’t we see money and abundance in a different light?

Maybe you don’t believe in the »unseen« spiritual world and think all those books, talking about channeling the angelic messages, and »readings« are a bunch of stupidity and fiction of the human mind. Why don’t you listen to those messages and try to look at your life and your financial situation also from the other angle of (spiritual) perception?

For thousands of years the following simple saying has been very well known: »As is the inside, so is the outside«, and if we could just listen to it and understand it on a deeper level, we could see that our own thoughts and attitude also shape our reality in the financial area.

As above said – messages of the »unseen« spiritual world of angels are clear and loud: »Money is good, spiritual and the reflection of the Divine!« So do stop for a moment, reevaluate your mental patterns, your thinking and your acts, and then set your mind to the frequency of abundance of all good and think as the rich people do. “As you sow, so shall you reap.” Therefore, sow rich so that you will reap even richer.

God bless you with abundance!

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