Why unnecessarily wasting your energy?

Recently, especially on Facebook, I’ve noticed an interesting trend – the public expression of gratitude. It’s a process, where a specific person must express for certain days her gratitude and she or he calls also her/his Facebook friends to do it.

Otherwise, all well and good, but… Gratitude are not just words, gratitude is a warm feeling inside of us. It doesn’t matter what you are thankful for, if it’s a material or immaterial thing. It is essential that YOU ARE thankful for it. This gratitude is an exclusive thing between you and the major force, and others don’t have to know what you’re thankful for.

Some of the famous teachers of life success recommend, that you should publish, announce your goals and tell them anywhere and anytime, to anyone. However, you are just wasting your energy again unnecessarily, instead of being concentrated on a specific goal. Do not talk to others about your goals (except to those, for which you know that they unconditional love and support you). Take rather the action and start to implement your goals.

Talking doesn’t bring much, there is still action needed, movements it the desired direction and of course also to clean with all the unconscious resistors, which are occurring. If you (sub)consciously think that you don’t deserve it, then nothing will be with the manifestation, you will be in conflict with your beliefs. So you need to feel your goal with all of your being (body, mind, spirit, heart, etc.).

Some authors of books for personal growth recommend, that you should make your own “vision board” or a table with your visions. If it’s only your board and you only have the glimpse to it, then it’s OK, as long as others can watch it, then I don’t think that’s the best. Why not? More on this below …

My personal favorite approach is described by Chikako Lee in her book »Dream Diary«. Why Is That? Because this procedure is “not public” (unless you want to), it’s between you and your higher power. With the fabulous log communications with the diary, you talk, express your desires and it is a visual tool that helps you to keep your vision and focus. The energy is not wasted around, it is focused, others don’t speak to you about it, they don’t doubt, because they don’t know, what your dreams and goals are. And because of this way your focused energy is cumulating and growing exponentially, it is also a faster physical manifestation.

We all are connected to each other on a subconscious level. And so we public (no matter whether it is expressed by words or written) give an insight into our thoughts, mind, the heart, the soul, and what we want and in which direction in life.

It is all in our mind, and if it is there, then it will also materialize. As we can »sabotage« a particular person with our thoughts, we can also raise the person and give her/him the energy and strength to realize her/his dreams and goals. If our aunt, brother, partner, father, mother … (whoever it is) doubts about our ability to achieve our wishes and goals (either consciously or subconsciously), it comes to us. Maybe we don’t want to do it anymore, maybe we can’t figure it out, or it finally seems too hard to make it, limiting beliefs, fears, doubts appear and it is not necessary, that they are »ours«.

So once again I repeat – guard your goals, dreams, desires, thoughts, put them on the inside of the paper through making a Dream log and imagine every day (not that anyone knows it) that your dreams, desires and goals are realized. Let the meditative condition run, make active meditation (or with other words, visualize) and have pleasant, joyful and happy feelings.

The universe will take care of the “how”, because that is his job. The list of gratitude, of objectives, the wish list, a list of dreams, the list of operators, list of … (whatever), it’s yours and only yours. Keep this treasures in your heart, don’t let them be destroyed by the destructors or destroyers of dreams. Get in action, be excited, joyful, feel what Kinslow (EU-feeling) says, and the manifestation will follow with such speed, that it will surprise you.

I have never been and will never be a fan of talking about your goals, dreams and also about gratitude in publicity. This is between you and your higher power and no one else has to know it. Dot. Amen.

When you’re reading this article, you must realize, that I want you to achieve any goal. You can do it. You have the power, you’ve got your own great imagination, gratitude, heart, the enthusiasm and love. Don’t look for confirmations outside of you, whatever you’re doing and you’re dreaming – the biggest confirmation is within yourself.

I wish you a successful manifestation of your goals and let it happen – now!

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