How to get rich by reading?

A billionaire and writer of best sellers W. Clement Stone alleged that his life was fatally diverged by the book by Napoleon Hill entitled Think and Grow Rich. This book inspired Stone to give his co-workers books on personal growth as presents.

Oprah Winfrey, a TV show hostess, an actress and a producer also attributes her incredible success to books. She says that she could not imagine that she would become the person she is today without books. For her, books have become a synonym for freedom and they proved to her that with their help one can open the door and step through.

Every one of us has surely got some kind of a life story that proves how he managed to change his life just by choosing the right book in the right moment. Many important books have crossed my path, too, and they changed my life drastically, they touched my heart, my mind, and my spirit.

Many researches prove that reading changes the way people solve their problems, store data, tell stories, and think about themselves. How many books have you read since you finished secondary school or university? One, five, ten? Maybe you were a more enthusiastic reader and you even managed to read 30 or 50 books. If this is the case, then I must congratulate you, because that way you managed to make an important step forward on your way to success and abundance.

Not only that reading enriches people on the mental and spiritual level, but it can also enrich one’s material aspect of one’s life. Getting rich mostly starts by reading a book, which gives us new ideas, shows us new approaches and offers us a possibility of personal, spiritual and financial growth.

When we are reading a book, we are connected to the energy of the book’s author, which forces us to widen our mind and our perception of the world and to make a step forward on the path of our personal, spiritual and financial growth. But do not stop at just reading books – use the advice given to you by different authors practically, use it in your life, and then you will experience a personal transformation, of which you didn’t even dare to dream.

Every book has the power to change our life and the price we have to pay for that book is actually low, when we realize that we managed to grow a business, worth several thousand Euros, based on this book, or that we started to appreciate and trust ourselves more.

Stop for a while and imagine yourself reading at least 15 minutes per day. We can read 10 pages of a book in these 15 minutes, which would mean approximately 120 pages in 12 days – this is exactly the same number of pages of my book called The More You Give, The More You Receive! And this only when reading 15 minutes a day!

Yes, reading is an excellent way to abundance in all aspects of our life. Which book is going to be the first one you will read after you finish reading this article?

To begin with, you can read an excellent book with the meaningful title The Millionaire Mindset – How to Tap Real Wealth from Within.

I wish you a successful reading and many new ideas for your business! 🙂

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