My “bed” lessons

The last few days have been very interesting for me, because I’ve put myself various vital issues. Last week I was forced to be in bed (illness), because I had fever and I was practically all Wednesday spending in bed.

When you’re lying in the bed and you have nothing else to do, you get a lot of things in your head. You can ask yourself different questions, looking for specific answers, and of course you want to be cured as soon as possible and as soon as possible to go back on the track. Sometimes it goes, but sometimes not, and so this “forced rest” can be longer than a few days.

When I layed so in bed I thought of the ‘gift’, that I got. If you have fever, then it is good to ask yourself, where you have been »burned-out«. Which changes have to be made, how to operate in the future, so it will never happen again. Ancient people learn that every disease, every disaster, every meeting, every dream … everything in our lives is a message.

Unfortunately, in modern times we just hurry, we don’t even stop to breathe or more to smell flowers, in a poetic word. We even don’t see the messages we get from messengers, because we are focused on other “more important” things.

At the time of my “bed” activities, I wondered also, what in life actually works and what doesn’t. In the field of personal and spiritual growth and the health of so many mutually contradictory information to you is truly difficult to navigate. When you’re looking »for more«, you’re more confused. From my friend Boris I got two excellent books, which gave me some new insights into life. The first is his new book “Health in us”, and the other from Anita Moorjani, titled “Dying to be me”.

Last weekend I intuitive opened the book “Health in us” on the page with the chapter The revelation. With a textmarker in my hand I underlined the most important thoughts and I identified the various stages of life (The school of mysteries reveals five), through which the we are “moving” on our way of life. Details on all of these levels I will not refer, it is better to read them in the book.

The second book that “enlighten me”, if I may say so, is “Dying to be me”. Anita actually confirmed what I already some time feel and see. To be more specific: when you’re working on researching “health” systems, like nutrition and health tips, the more you see they are opposing each other. Each of them brings a lot of good things, otherwise too much information can cause harm, because when you’re scared and confused, you don’t know anymore, “who and what” to listen to.

You are like a donkey, which found himself in front of two heaps of hay, and because he couldn’t decide where to start to eat, he died of starvation. In the symbolic meaning we also “die”, when we are indecisive and not listening to your heart and feelings. We’ve been trained that somehow other people know more and better than we do, and so we look for answers to the challenges outward, rather than be turned inward.

At this I was reminded of my quandary, I’ve had a few years ago about numerology. Actually we have two schools – Pythagorean and Kalderon numerology. Each has its own system of conversion of letters to numbers, and they are opposing. So you can have in the Kalderon system a “happy name”, but in the Pythagorean “unfortunate.” It can also be inversely.

Years ago I threw both systems out the window and again changed my name to what I was at birth, I finally realized that the point is not to change the first and last name, but in the fact that you accept yourself.

I was also thinking about beliefs and about how we humans are “limited” and “trained”. So we are for example in the Christian tradition taught, that we are looking for help in “Heaven”. This wonders the ancient people in South America, who are asking for advice and help »The mother earth«, and not a bunch of “Heaven” up there.

In the most famous Christian prayer “Lord’s prayer” is mentioned (and I quote): “… and thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. …” In my e-book, Song, inspire me, I have slightly modified our fathers prayer of gratitude, where the above sentence is a little differently: “in me is your Kingdom, your will be accomplishing through me, so in my mind, as it is in my heart.” So heaven is not out there somewhere “above”, but the “here and now”.

To sum up what you’ve to remember from this article. In particular, to act in life dauntless, with no fears, and that, despite all advices and recommendations of others, you have to listen to yourself, your inner wisdom. Please be aware that you are good enough and loved, and the universe and mother earth support you at every step. Just let go, trust and be open to messages and gifts, which come to us.

Enjoy, love to have fun and laugh a lot!

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