How to become more creative?

Today we will talk about creativity. Many years ago the known American novelist Sinclair Lewis has had a lecture at the university. The room was completely full of enthusiastic students, who were with open eyes and ears waiting for what the great writer has to say.

At the beginning of the lecture he took off his glasses, he looked with a special, we could say “electric” look at the audience, thought for a moment and then he asked all present students: “How many of you really wants to become a writer?” Practically all students raised their hands. Then he made a long pause and asked them: »So why aren’t you at home writing?”

After saying this sentence, he picked up his stuff, turned around and walked out of the room, full of surprised students. That was the whole lecture about creative writing. And really, why are we waiting? Or better yet – what are we waiting for? If you want to be a dancer, start dancing. If you want to be an actor, start acting. If you want to be a poet, start writing poems. If you want to be a singer, sing. If you want to be: ____________________ (write what you want to be), then start doing it. Not tomorrow, not in two days, not in a year or two – now, at this very moment.

Many people asked me, how I learned this or that. How I was able to learn for example to create websites, to do e-newsletter, how I managed to write books and poems, how to … The answer is simple – I just started to do it. Of course there was a lot of learning on the basis of trials and errors, but this is the best school. Eventually you become a master at what you’re doing.

Some are afraid to write a book or a song. And they are pushing the idea away and away and away. Why? Don’t wait till May – start now! This could be one encouraging response. When I started to write my first book »Where there’s a will, there’s a way«, I’ve only had an idea – write a book, which will talk about motivation, personal growth and finding a job. And I started – with no publisher, no money, no experience … and it worked. But really, I have had to sit down and start. The start of creating (of anything) is the most difficult, but then, when you start, things get to flow a lot easier.

The school on the basis of trials and errors is the school of all successful entrepreneurs. Everybody made »mistakes«, had failed experiments, projects, which they have not managed to complete, products, which did not go on sale, or perhaps failed attempts in the field of marketing and sales. The common to all successful people however is, that despite of a temporary defeat, they still went on. So keep it up, too. Don’t give up, keep looking, developing, creating, writing, drawing, dancing and … Success belongs to the brave, those who dare to risk, who take steps into the unknown.

A few ideas, how to find solutions … If you’re looking for something, but you can’t remember where you have put it, or where you left it — use the magic password REACH from the Mystery of the simple life. Repeat the password a few times and then wait … till a flash comes. Maybe you will keep in mind the image, a relative, a friend, an acquaintance, the place where you let this thing, maybe you will call a friend or someone else.

Some of you may have a problem with this, when it is necessary to write something. Perhaps this is an article, poem, report, letter, e-mail message, whatever … Then use the password CACKLE. I know it’s funny, but try it and when you’re sitting in front of your computer, repeat in your mind CACKLE – and then – poof – the inspiration will come up to you and you will start writing.

A very interesting approach to a greater creativity is sleeping or you should take a nap for 15 or 30 minutes. When you see a problem and you don’t know how to solve it, lie down on the bed, close your eyes and take a nap for a few minutes. Before that give your subconscious instruction to search for this solution. You may ask: “How do I resolve this matter?” And then have a nap.

When you wake up in half an hour (if you’re afraid that you will sleep too long, settle an alarm), you will almost certainly have a useful idea. You can do the same in the evening before going to sleep, and then your subconscious will search for a solution for you. Of course in this case it is good to have a block and a pen, because it can happen that you wake up at 3: 00 am and you will have to write down the idea immediately.

And another idea to be more creative. Before going to bed and just about before you fall asleep, repeat in your mind: “Tomorrow I’m creative.” or “Tomorrow I’m extremely creative.” or “Tomorrow I will find all solutions I need.” Then in the morning when you wake up, do the same: “Today I will be creative”, or “Today I am extremely creative” or “Today I’m going to find all solutions.”

Do you still want to increase your creativity and ideas? I have another “weapon”. Be less on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks and better focus on your interior, because there are all the answers to the problems and challenges you are facing in life. In my opinion Facebook is just running away from the reality, as well as an online tool that may reduce your creativity and productivity. Think about this … I’ve decided to limit the use of Facebook and to focus on different “likes” and treasure, which are within me.

Enjoy and I wish you lots of creative visions!

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