How to get a good internal feeling?

A few days ago I asked myself one simple question: “When my life went well?” After a brief review of my life, I’ve come to the simple conclusion, everything went well, when I had inside that cozy, joyful feeling of inner peace and love.

Dr. Frank J. Kinslow, author of the QE (Quantum Entrainment) calls this feeling the EU-feeling or the euphoric feeling or in other words the feeling of unconditional love and deep inner peace. But really – always when my solar plexus was calm, without fears, things in my life, even though many said that this is not possible, went easily, playfully and especially in the way I wanted.

When I took a deeper look to my life, when I thought that my life is like a chaos, there was again the answer in the solar plexus – there were present fear, discomfort, sadness, hopelessness and. .. And then you ask yourself the question: What do I feel in this moment inside of myself, in the solar plexus? Is there peace? If not, why not? What should I do to feel inner peace? To go more out in the nature? Also, this could be one of the solutions. More dealing with sport and exercise? This also helps. Go several times to yoga and meditate? This is also useful.

With practice I found out, that I feel the most of inner peace, joy and love, when I am doing the techniques of pure consciousness. It’s not just QE (Quantum Entrainment), but the community of a variety of approaches like QE, which settle down my mind and establish within my heart, mind and the solar plexus inner peace, joy and serenity.

I’ve tried a lot of things already, but I can’t describe with words the inner EU-feeling, which I call the divine feeling. This is necessary to experience and feel on your own skin. The world today needs more inner peace than ever before.

At the techniques of pure consciousness it isn’t about visualization, for an effort of will – this has to happen. It’s more of that (to use a metaphor), that you let go the intention in the quantum ocean abundance and then let it run in your highest good. The results can be sometimes very surprising.

I tested the techniques of pure consciousness already on broken phones, cars, on plants in the garden, on my neck and back, to friends, to the nature … But always happened what was best for me or for others. When you let go of the control and you use technique of pure consciousness and you do not control the situation, but only let your inner divine sense of pure consciousness work, life itself organizes events and situations in your life, which are the best for you.

My spiritual search in the past four, five years, was in some way directed in the “outside”, but I found out, that everything that is good for me and helped me to achieve my goals and desires, was the whole time with me, but I didn’t know it or I thought – there is something wrong with me, when I feel good in this situation and I have a pleasing inner feeling. But those pleasant inner senses were, are still, and will always be within me. I didn’t always listen to it and so I felt fear, mistrust and I have fallen into doubt. The results were so appropriate.

Our ancient ancestors have lived much more calm and relaxed than the modern man. Their work week was composed of three days, but the modern man works at least five days, many even for the whole week, from morning to evening. Stress is consequently much bigger and thus is also the internal balance in the mess.

Actually people because of such obligations or otherwise do not have time to stop, breath and relax … and they are all the time tensed as a string. If we strain the wire, then we all know what happens … the sooner or later, it bursts. Therefore it is necessary, before the string breaks, to stop and release the tension. If we don’t, then … Everyone knows, how this reflects or has reflected in their life.

We all face all these challenges and trials in our live. I am not an exception either, and when you get to a particular situation, it is necessary to keep emotional and mental calm, and to live on in spite of the “trouble” and “chaos,” in which you find yourself. Learning the techniques of pure consciousness would exceed the framework of this article, so if you’re interested in more, welcome to the workshop Technique of pure consciousness.

In conclusion there is one simple exercise, which I have repeatedly mentioned, and it is despite its simplicity extremely effective for the achievement of the internal peace and resolving the emotional burden. When you feel disturbance or emotional storm, then close your eyes and start consciously breathing for 5-10 min. Breathe in and out through the nose and don’t make any pauses. This means: inhale – exhale – inhale – exhale … Try it and give me a feedback. 🙂

I wish you an abundance of inner peace and pleasant feelings!

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