Why I’m no longer a motivational coach?

You may have noticed, that for some time I don’t speak of me any more us a motivational coach and motivational speaker. I even don’t run motivational seminars, as well as some are called, any more. For quite some time I didn’t know why it no longer “fits for me”, and why I can’t identify with it. I became the answer a few days ago “at random” (anyway, we know that it is not a coincidence) in Larry Napier’s e-book. When I read the following paragraph, I really made some thoughts, and in fact it’s what I knew and felt lately:

“From an Ancient-Hebrew viewpoint, like most other key words, we use the word motivation incorrectly. There is no such thing as a motivational-speaker, or a motivational-book or CD; there is no such thing as a motivational-seminar or motivational-program – no matter how much it costs! Stimulation, not motivation, is the right word. Stimulation comes from the external world. Motivation in Ancient-Hebrew is exclusively a function of Your-Own-HEART. No person can motivate another!”

Ahaaaa! This is all placed on the head, when it comes to personal growth, motivation and work on yourself. So I will write in today’s article about this issue. I’m sure you’ll find something useful, while you are reading this wisdom for yourself and your loved ones.

On Friday, the 20. 3. 2015, I was in the class of Boris Vene at Vrba, in Prešeren’s House, where Boris had a lecture or presentation of his book “Health in us.” Some of the things in this lecture, I literally had to “hear”. One of the most powerful phrases from Boris has been: “The point in life is not that you are empty, but satisfied.” What can we learn from this short sentence?

Let’s see … an old English proverb says that an empty sack can’t stand up. So, if we want to make the empty bag to stand upright, we must fill it with some specified content (satisfied). If there is no content, no bag stands upright. How does this relate to the motivation and stimulation I mentioned earlier?

Motivation = timeless (because it comes from your inside), stimulation = temporary (because it comes from your exterior). So we have an empty bag (in terms of that one participant motivational seminar), and an empty sack after the modern mode of motivation a trainer tries “to fill”, so the participant feels more complete. The question that arises is, whether this is possible? Can you “fill” the other person? Let’s go on …

From a lot of people I’ve heard that, after a “motivational” seminar (workshop, class, etc.), they were motivated to do this and that, but what happened then: a lot of them have fallen even deeper into the abyss. Why is that? Because they actually were stimulated, but not motivated (read loaded), because no one can do it for them, one person can just motivate himself.

What is it that drives and creates motivation? It’s always some internal – love, joy, excitement, etc. I could use another word that summarizes all the words listed earlier – passion. Let’s look at the greatest entrepreneurs of modern times (Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, etc.), and found that none of them talks about how they “earn” just the money, but the talk about passion. A passion for something, what they were doing, that they literally moved mountains and have done the “impossible”.

Let’s go back to the participants of motivational seminars … they get some energy “stimulant” for those 24, 48 or 72 hours, it flies them into the orbit of the moon or even farther, to the sun. They think it’s all possible, energy is charged … but I’m sorry this charge does not last, because it does not come from within, it comes from outside. They weren’t motivated (in the truest sense of the word), but stimulated. If we repeat – what comes “from outside” is the stimulation, what comes from the inside, is the motivation (read passion).

And so people visit one seminar after another, they go from workshop to workshop, from one book to the other, looking for “motivational secrets”, but this is not located in something outside of them – it’s in them. Many lecturers talk about it, how it is necessary to awaken the passion, to be passionate about something, what you’re doing, not to look at the clock.

Let me tell you two of my cases. I have started creating web pages for other customers. When I fall in a “project”, the times stands for me, I think, I’m creating, I play, change, move, write on a sheet of paper, imagine … and that’s when it’s 2: 30 am , but I am not tired.

About a month ago I ran a seminar in Ljubljana, Heart rhetoric. What happened to me several times is, that I didn’t have enough time. Yes, you read it right – I’m missing time. I look at the clock and one hour to me is missing. I don’t know where it went, where it has been “lost”, because I was so passionately committed to the topic, that the thoughts come one after another. It’s passion, motivation, this is something that comes from inside of me.

When you’re satisfied (passionate, excited, joyful etc.), then your bag could stand up for years and years. Because it is not tied to a variety of ropes (read stimulation) to temporarily stand erect, but because it is fed from its interior, heart, soul, mission … no matter how it’s called in words.

When you’re creative, you express God in yourself, because it is expressed through you inner force (the universe), and through you, and your work is looking for an expression. So we have all so different talents, abilities, knowledge … everyone has something that is different, unique, and the trials we face are actually present on the way to finally recognize your gifts, talents and passions.

So, dear reader of the this article, I’m not a motivational coach, because I realize that I can’t motivate, because motivation comes from your inner. But I can with my work, lectures, seminars, books, articles … add one stone in a mosaic of every human being to be more set to recognize his passion, joy, joy of life and therefore he won’t need external stimulation, but will run out of his interior.

I sincerely hope that I have with this article shared with you a little bit of a different way of thinking that goes beyond the classic understanding of personal growth, and which can step by step awake your passion, your unique greatness inside of you.

And in conclusion: Be passionate, be alive, always be yourself! Realize that you are unique, origin and remarkable in every way! 🙂

With a smile in your heart and bless!

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