Do you have the courage to change your relationship?

Today’s topics in the e-newsletter are partnership relations. Or better said: the courage to change in a partnership.

What this change actually means, depends on what “level” we are in a relationship and if we are prepared to move on.

Why can a partnership after a few years break apart? Why is there no more passion, love, tenderness, respect, spending time together, talking, intimacy, and …? At the beginning of the relationship everything was perfect and we were happy, joyful, in love and …

In order to better understand this, it is necessary to see it from “Physics”. Let’s take a hypothetical example.

When a man and a woman meet and fall in love, she vibrates with the vibration, for example 7 and the men with the vibration 6. In this case, they’re fairly close, vibrations established between them and as a resonance (and leave those butterflies in the stomach) are these two people fall in love with.

When we resonate with someone, we can make a partnership. Of course, it is not necessary that we resonate only on a conscious level, maybe it’s a subconscious set up resonance and for some reason we are attracted “to this person”, even if we do not know exactly why. But regardless of whether or not resonate with that person consciously or subconsciously – the resonance is established.

We get to know each other, fall in love, begin a partnership relationship, get married, get kids, a house, a dog … and we live happily ever after for some years (well, we all hope that it will somehow finish as in a fairy tale, happily ever after, they lived for the rest of their days). However, the partnership is like a flower – it must be constantly nurtured, respected and watered with love, because if you simply “leave” it to go its own way, then it goes its own way, and that’s when we find out that we are no longer attracted by the partner. How is this possible?

Here we go once again into the field of physics. After a few years of the partnership (marriage) the woman begins to work on herself, she goes to seminars, workshops, education, read books, resolves her trauma, pain – in short, works on herself. This is reflected on her vibration, since she  is more respectful, nice to herself, she sets her limits, is more hopeful, more incisive and. .. All of this leads to a new vibration, say that this is level 8. The men in these few years didn’t do anything on himself. He contented to be the way he is – a wife, a job, a house, kids, beer, TV, a dog and a cat. And so it should be until the end of their days. But regarding the vibration, he falls from level 6 to level 5. Ups!

Now we have a vibrational gap, which is no longer 1, but 3. It is no longer a mutual resonance, the view at life, the energy flows totally different. And whereas it is vibrating to a larger gap, it is necessary that something happens. The man starts growing too at least to the level 7, or the woman falls to the minimum from 8 to vibration 6. However the female doesn’t like to be in a relationship with a doormat, which means that the vibration level won’t fall down, but it only raises up, or she will get out of the relationship. And now here comes the moment to decide – what to do?

I don’t want to speculate, that’s why I’m going to tell you about two real examples of partner relationships.

The first lady is from Styria. She is in a partnership relationship for 10 years and she misses the resonance with her partner. They no longer do things as at the beginning, and the woman is emotionally and sexually unhappy, which is also reflecting on her state of health. This was a sort of “alarm” that something needs to change, it’s time for a change. In their relationship there is no passion, her partner is interested in other things (he actually is pleased how it is) and his main “passion” is to finish his house, while they don’t do things together anymore (tours, social things, talks, etc.).

But now here comes the dilemma or question what to do. On the one side she is concerned about, what her family will think, if she leaves her partner, on the other hand the house and the whole attitude is offering her specific material security, which nowadays is not insignificant. And now she is waiting for that someone else might make a move for her. Unfortunately, this can’t go on, and once she has to make a decision on what he wants from the relationship.

The other lady comes from Dolenjska. She broke up with her long-time partner literally overnight and she has remained practically nothing. Everything she had in that moment, was 200 EUR in her wallet, her car and a puppy. But she bravely went on, took the challenges of life and in the next few days she made more than in the last few years. She left behind a half-built house in a 600 square feet, which was her heart, her creativity, hours and hours of work and discussions, because she and her partner have built it alone. The house was one of the most beautiful locations, which you can imagine – in the middle of nature and with a spectacular view on the surrounding area.

But that’s not all. She also left the apartment, which they built together four years ago. She left every piece of furniture and accessories, which are visible in the apartment. She left all the work, she put in her partner’s company, his PR and other work. She left all of the planned travels, dreams, plans for the future and family plans. While she hasn’t had her personal account and it was not her business, because everything was within the context of the partners company.

I know both for quite a few years and their break-up was for me a complete surprise. When she told me how she bravely deals with this life test, I’m speechless. I had a lump in my throat and all my challenges with which I deal in the last year and a half, looked small, actually insignificant. In her story I found inspiration for myself, that it’s also time for me to make steps forward – in all areas of life.

So you have read both stories of living two partnerships and love. The first lady was waiting for something to change, the second was boldly taken up the challenge, and I’m sure she’s got a bright future, not only in the partnership, but also in the business sense. The first lady denies herself and her desires, and the other decided to express herself and is ready to take larger steps and victories.

And now for the end of our today’s gathering a questions for you. What would you do, if you were in their position? How would you respond? And one more question – do you live your life, whether you live the life of your partner? Consider, evaluate and make a revaluation of balance. If it’s time to go forward, go forward. The universe will support you. If you still feel “comfortable” as it is, it’s also OK. The choice is always yours, even if you choose not to do anything.

May you be accompanied by an abundance of courage in all areas of life!

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