Rapid manifestation and creativity

There comes a time in life when you need something really fast, and then it is necessary to express the manifestation of the thing you want. However it is often so, that when we need things the most, they somehow avoid us in a wide arc. The more you try, the worse it is. It seems like everything is against you, and there comes a time, when you’ve got enough, and in desperation you say: ‘Enough,’ I don’t care what happens to it.”

However, by this you actually trigger law of unattachment in the situation and you let the forces of the universe, to do the best for you and for everyone else involved. Many times I’ve said, and I will repeat again: “Nothing goes with force!” I know that I repeat this sentence over and over again, but I also know, that this is an eternal truth of life.

A few days ago I went to Celje, where I had a workshop that I conducted. Before leaving, I happened to be in hurry and I can say that on my a bit decrepit, business bag, tore off my zipper and I couldn’t repair it. The bag was before a little bit dirty, but it did not stand in the way of functionality. I looked at the bag and I said: »Hey Dude, I need a new bag. The price can’t be more than so many and so many euros. Please, make it happen for me. Bring me this bag today or tomorrow. Thank You Very Much.«.

That was on Thursday, and when I was in Celje, I had time to look at the usual places for a new bag. None of the known whereabouts, I’m not convinced that I would be able to say – this is it. And I said to myself “Hey, Dude, I really need this bag. I ask for a little help and inspiration. Thank You Very Much.”

The next day I was in Ljubljana and I also looked at the usual places for a new bag. No, I have not found anything that would convince me to buy it. And then intuitively, when I completely gave up to find any suitable bag (I made an energetic split up), I got carried away in a store in which I was never before.

And then I saw her on a raised shelf. I can say that it was love at first sight. 😉 I came closer and the love was bigger and bigger. And in September it was available with 30% discount. So the price was as much at in my mind. Well, if I am accurate was one euro more than the price I put in my mind.

Then I thought that I was actually using the same procedure for other things – books, shoes, jackets, pants, and more and more. The one thing I’ve learned is, that it is necessary, when you have a desire, to let things “go” and allow the universe to do its part. This does not mean that you are passive, quiet or to sit and meditate, but it means that you are not attached to the questions where and how something will happen and that you can listen to your intuitive “good feeling”.

A few more things on the topic of creativity, since it is also connected with the manifestation. Sometimes we all have a problem (a challenge, a test…), and we don’t know how to solve it. Here we use the same path (intention) as before: ask fort the answer and let the universe to bless you with the right answers. Ask yourself several times a day (the best in the morning, as soon as you wake up, or in the evening just before going to sleep): “How do I resolve this matter? What should I do?”.

Of course, it is then necessary to be able to listen to your intuition. A similar exercise we do at my workshop Techniques of pure consciousness, when we at pure consciousness and divine sense place a question and then we are waiting for an answer. When we are in a state of pure consciousness, the answers get even easier and faster, it seems like everything comes to us without great effort and light, playful, joyful.

When we speak of the manifestation, it is necessary, of course, to “clean up” with all the unconscious patterns, barriers, beliefs, or as some say – the subconscious resistance. If there’s a subconscious resistance, then despite of all best efforts we will fail, because we can’t get what we want while the subconscious mind wants to protect us before success. Maybe this is a little strange, but it happens in practice actually in 95% of cases, so that if there are problems with anything, there are working also our subconscious beliefs and thus sabotage us.

So, to sum up today’s thoughts – know what you want, be unattached to it, let it go, refine your subconscious beliefs and patterns and then it will come in a way, which is currently unknown, but at the end the best for you.

I wish you an abundance of joy at the manifestation and creativity!

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