Stress as the mayor source of illness and health problems

Some people swing by the word “stress” with their hand and think, oh, I know how to deal with that or I can neutralize stress. Others say, that life without stress would be less interesting, and stress is their way of life.

But the majority of people doesn’t even know, or simply forgets, that stress (conscious or subconscious) is the main reason for the problems in their lives.

What happens to us when we are under stress? At that time, all of our cells are immobilized in terms of the “fight or flight” and do not grow, they do not share and do not reproduce. Our entire organism is on “warpath”, and when he’s on the warpath, only the most vital organs work proper and harmonious. In this modern times, when we are exposed to daily stress, however we do not even recognize this “out of habit” anymore.

How do we work, when we are under stress? Let’s look for a moment into the animal world, to our nearest “relatives” in the Animal Kingdom – the chimps. Chimpanzees are social creatures who live in a community (group). By chimps, which are exiled out from the group, the stress or the rejection literally causes, that their hair is falling out all over the body. I have seen this on the NGC-Program a few days ago. In the same show was shown, how people response, when they experience rejection.

The experiment was as follows. Two doctors were invited to participate in a reality show. With a group of people, which was scheduled for this show, they were some time together to meet, to establish contacts and feel the friendly interpersonal ties. Then one of the two, and then the other, were sent in a special room and they were connected to a computer, which was measuring the point of sweating and heart rate. For a few minutes this person was left alone, but the door in the hallway was open and he could hear what the others were talking about.

Two representatives of the group (a men and a women) have conducted a conversation, in which they expressed concerns, that this doctor could join their group in the reality TV show. The doctor has heard their answer, and when he heard, that he will be probably refused, his body triggerd a stress response – the heart rate and the sweating point increased by more than 100%. Almost completely identical was the response of the other doctor.

All of this was just to test the response to stress, and when the doctor returned to the group, they were told, that all of this was just a test and that they can normally join the group. You should see with your own eyes, how the expression on the face of both doctors and their nonverbal language changed, not to speak about the great feeling of relief that they experienced.

This was only a test, however, with such challenges we face on a daily basis:

  • The business customer refuses at a meeting or after it to cooperate with you.
  • At the job interview we get rejected by the employer.
  • We get to know a wonderful person of the opposite sex and experience rejection.
  • The director tells us, that the company does not need us anymore.
  • When we experience an important phone call, we get rejected by the other side.

The list could go on, but for our example it is enough. Psychology teaches us that, that over time, we  become “more solid” when we get rejected, but the stress response at the cellular or subconscious level, regardless of the “learned” reaction, still remains, except that it does not feel so intense and conscious.

Another example from my life. When I enrolled in the first year of the faculty, I had thick and bushy hair. During the study, however, they began slowly to fall out. At the end of the first year, there was less hair and in the second year, even less, at the end of the Faculty was my “hair condition” obvious. The reason? Stress during the study and all those “struggle” on the exams, not only for better grades or passing the exam, but also with myself.

At the time of the elementary school (higher level) I was also exposed to stress due to the daily “bullying” by classmates, and every thought, that is going to happen again, caused the stress response. If this continues for several years, your response (withdrawal) becomes subconscious and you refuse to be with other people also later, even if you don’t know why, because there is no logical reason for this withdrawal. The real reason lies in the subconscious, in a cellular memory, because it protects us, because we don’t want to be “injured”. Is this familiar to you?

Would you like another example of stress? Here it is … Affirmations! This is certainly the most widely known tool to improve human life, health and well-being. When you’re talking about a “lie”, for which we want to be the truth, within us (proven by test of the heart rate) appears stress. The affirmation works, but it must be designed in a way, that it seems plausible, possible to us and that you can feel it in your heart and spirit. If this is not the case, the body triggers the stress response and we do ourselves actually no good.

Our subconscious mind works with images (pictures), and since I know that, on all my trainings I want to give people the knowledge and information on how to change the source of stress responses. With conscious  tools (read: with positive thinking) we can’t resolve the subconscious issues (memories). It’s true that positive thinking is better than negative, but if we want to resolve emotional and stress issues, it is necessary to go deeper – on a subconscious level, the cellular level, or at the level of pure consciousness. Only in this way we can solve the origin of traumatic memories, unresolved patterns, painful experience … and we don’t sugar coat only  the symptom.

The modern medicine knows, that more or less we get ill because of stress, but they still don’t deal with the symptoms and give us drugs, because a healthy, balanced man, who has managed to neutralize the stress response and can say hello to painful memories, is not in their interest. From such a man the pharmacy doesn’t have profits.

We are all exposed to stress, either consciously or subconsciously, but only with the right tools, which operate on the subconscious or cellular level, we can solve it. We can heal ourselves with the techniques of pure consciousness, with healing codes, breathing, meditation and … There are many ways, but the most effective are those, which deal with the source of all problems, which is always just one single – stress.

I wish you an abundance of joy, health and inner peace.

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