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Day after day I can hear a lot of people saying the same thing: »I don’t have time!«. All the people in the world, whether we are successful businessmen, presidents of the countries, workers, retired people, sportsmen, we all have exactly 1.140 minutes per day. It depends only on us whether and how we are going to make use of them. We can use them for watching TV and sitting on the couch or in a coffee shop, or we can use them for other more creative and important activities, which can bring us success and happiness.

When you really want something, you always find time for it. But when someone doesn’t want to do something, he always finds an excuse and so he lives his live – with the help of excuses. If you don’t want to do something, then say that: »I don’t want to do this.« Maybe this won’t be nice, but at least you won’t deceive another person with empty hopes and promises.

Some people are used to searching for excuses why they are not able to do some things… They keep postponing their decision far into the future. And what happens then? They never do what they imagined to do. They live a meaningless life, without a goal from one day to the other. It is sad, but that is really how it is.

Do try to learn to live your life by the philosophy called »DO IT NOW«. And what is this philosophy all about? It is simply about doing something now and today, something that you decided to do yesterday, or decided to do tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. It probably bothers you sometimes when your car is dirty, doesn’t it? And then you say to yourself: »I am going to wash it tomorrow.« But this »tomorrow« newer comes and stays somewhere in the past, and your car is getting dirtier and dirtier and you are more and more bothered by that.

Why bother doing something if there is no need for it? Do it right now and wash your car today. It will only take an hour of your time and at the end of it you will be pleased with what you did. The more you postpone some unpleasant action, the more unpleasant it becomes, so… do it now!

When you are standing on the street, on the bus, on the train, on the plain or in a mall and you happen to encounter a person who seems interesting to you and you like him or her – do come closer and say hello, do tell him or her: »Hello, I am Roy!« Maybe you will never see this person again. Are you afraid to speak to a complete stranger? You linger to meet new people…

Why do you linger? Do you think that it is going to be better tomorrow? I can tell you from my own experience that it is not going to be any different, your fear is going to be even bigger and probably you won’t see that person ever again. They say: »A missed opportunity does not return.«

If you are single and not married yet, or you don’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend… and if you somewhere meet someone, who you find attractive, go to him or her, tell him or her your name, invite him or her for a cup of coffee or juice. Offer this person your hand and I am positive that he or she will accept it. Smile to that person and he or she is going to smile back to you. Whenever you say something nice to that person, you gain from it, too.

Be the first to offer the initiative and don’t wait for someone else to offer it. If you are always the one, who waits for the initiative from other people, then you will stay alone forever. Accept people the way they are, with all their pluses and minuses. You will find what you seek in them. When you seek the good, you will find the good, when you seek the bad, you will find the bad.

When a great thought appears in your mind… realize it NOW! Don’t wait for tomorrow, do something concrete with that idea today. The idea on its own represents 2 % of the success, and the other 98 % represents your effort and hard work. So do it today and now!

Be self-initiative, be the one, who is doing something to make things happening, and not only the one, who is just observing what is going around him. Don’t you ever say: »I will start doing it tomorrow«, »I will start doing it next week«, or even »Some day I will…« If you do that, then you won’t accomplish anything in your life and you will be sentenced to failure. But you don’t want this, do you? Live as Benjamin Franklin used to say: »Never leave that ’till tomorrow which you can do today.«

Are you looking for a job? Are you postponing writing applications? Why is this so? What are you afraid of? The worse thing that can happen to you is to receive a negative answer. Go to your employer, write him, call him… NOW! Not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow… do it today, do it NOW! Maybe this job is waiting for you today, but what will happen tomorrow? It won’t be waiting for you tomorrow any more. So you mustn’t just wait, you must be active!

You can write at least 3 job applications per day or call at least three companies. You can gather a nice pile of job application letters or phone calls. Do it today, so that you can harvest tomorrow. Don’t you even think to be like the farmer, who begged God: »Oh, God, please, do bless me with good harvest and I promise you that I will seed the seed next year.« What you seed today, you will harvest tomorrow. When you don’t seed anything, you don’t harvest anything.

Are you studying for the exam? Are you postponing learning? Are you watching TV rather than learning? Are you rather going out with your friends late at night than studying for the exam, which you have in two days? Do not linger with your study, start studying NOW and you will see how quickly you will advance. The first step is the most difficult one, but when you start walking, you will definitely come to the end.

So why should you linger in your life? Live your life as if today is the last day of your life. No one ever really knows… maybe it really is his or her last day… and there are still so many things that you wanted to say. You wanted to say to your girlfriend that you loved her, you wanted to say to your friends that you cared for them, you wanted to help other people to be successful in their lives, but you didn’t do that, because you were waiting for tomorrow.

Dear friends, everything that you have is NOW! This minute, this second, this moment! Yesterday is only a dream, but tomorrow is just anticipation, full of hope. So fall in love with today’s day, because it is life, the life of life. In its short breath all the truth lies. So live TODAY, live NOW!

On the tombstone of a bishop in the Westminster abbey, it is written:

When I was young and free and my imagination didn’t know yet all the limits, I dreamt of changing the world. When I became older and wiser, I found out that the world wouldn’t change, so I made my goals a little bit smaller and decided to change my country. But apparently it couldn’t be moved, either.

When I grew old, I satisfied myself in my last desperate try to at least alter my family, the ones that are the most dear to me, but I couldn’t alter them either. And now, when I have been lying on the death-bed, I have suddenly realized: If I altered myself first, then I could have altered my family with my example. With their inspiration and encouragement I could have done much better at trying to change my country and who knows, maybe I could have even changed the world.

A big secret lies in the story of this man and it says that if we want to change the world, we must first start changing ourself. Only then can we change the world, too. As it is on the inside, so it is on the outside – this is an old truth, an old wisdom, which is being confirmed also in practice.

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