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The most inspirational movies for the heart and soul

At the beginning of 2018 I decided to share with you a list of my favorite movies for the heart and soul, which have a message and inspire us. Personally I like movies, who force us literally into thinking.

Below you can see a list of my favorite 12 movies. The order is random and is not in the sense from the film no. 1 till 12. If you see one of the following each month, you will be referred to see in one year the entire list, and I’m sure that your thinking and perceptions of the world will be in a different way.

You may find more, or you were hoping to start more to follow your inner, your heart and intuition. Next, you will be one of those movies inspired to continue to insist that you won’t give up. In short, when you’re looking for inspiration for yourself, go through the list and see the movie. Some can be found on YouTube, and some will be necessary to find on DVD. However, each of these films are worth seeing and your time.


The movie 3 IDIOTS was born in India, in their Bollywood (Indian alternative to Hollywood) and it is completely different from the US commercial films. The story is very inspiring and it is demonstrated how competitive is the modern world, and how the educational system suppresses the thinking with their own heads, and why it is necessary to follow your own heart and inner feelings.

The movie with English subtitles can be viewed in its entirety on YouTube. Otherwise it is quite long (nearly three hours), but it’s more than worth a visit, because you’ll laugh and cry with it. 🙂


The Movie LETTERS TO SANTA is Polish, directed by the Slovene producer Mitja Okorn. Why do I like this movie so much? Because it combines multiple stories of different people in Warsaw and connects them somehow in a whole or through the whole movie is somehow felt faith, hope and love, but also we see how “fate” can “randomly” play with our lives.

The best scene in the film is, when an orderly businessman helps an orphaned girl and explains her the influence of laughter and the E’s (endorphins), which raise on our health and well-being. It is also interesting how this young orphan girl opens her “cold heart” to the wife of the businessman. How the stories end – take a look in the film.


About three years ago I “accidentally” turn on the TV, when just started the movie “Dance with me”, which was recorded in 1998. Something to do with this film and the story attracted me like a magnet, so I saw it to the end.

The main character, the talented Cuban Rafael (played by the legend of the Latin dances Chayanne), conquers hearts with his spontaneous method of dancing. In the film, it’s not just about dancing, but also about a romantic love story between the main hero Rafael and Ruby, a dancer who wants to revive her former brilliant dance career.

The film has a deeper message in terms of how it is important that you do in life, what makes you happy, light and refined. Through dance, you can literally feel the joy of your soul. 🙂


The CELESTINE PROPHECY is a movie based on the book with the same name by the author James Redfield. It’s a great film, especially the beautiful scenes of nature, but me personally more inspired the book, because it describes in more details the nine insights about life, that we can truly comprehend them and change the way of life.

Quickly you recognize the truth of the first lessons: in the life of each of us are mysterious coincidences – sudden, simultaneous events, which, when we explain them, direct us to our true destiny. I recommend both – the book and the movie.


Film OPUS has a powerful message in terms of – how can anyone in his life do specific work (the work), which is different, unique, exceptional. In short, how it is important to start living your dreams and follow your heart. It is fielded with useful thoughts, tips and ideas of many famous authors of bestsellers – Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Joe Vitale, Marci Shimoff, John Demartini, Bob Doyle and Morris Goodman.


The film BIGGEST GIFT is based on the book with the same name from John Stovalla, and it is translated into Slovene. When Steven Red dies, he leaves his great-nephew Jason Stevens in his will a special gift – the largest GIFT, but before he can experience this heritage, he must follow the instructions of the will and goes to an annual “journey”. On this journey he has a complete personality makeover and recognizes the 12 gifts given to him from his great-uncle.


I stumbled upon the movie Powder “by chance”, when he was a few years ago a friend share on Facebook. I decided to give it a look, and this unique movie impressed me. It talks about the beauty of every human being, especially those, that do not correspond to the current system of “values” and “beauty”.

Regardless of how we are born, we are inside the divinity and boundless beauty. Let see it in us and the people, who are around us. A number of parents, administrators, teachers, us in our early youth were “programmed”, defined and given labels in terms of who we are and what we are.


The film is the only film I’ve seen twice, I was really impressed. The timeless comedian Jim Carrey plays Carl, depressed banker, whose life is for the sake of his negative attitude towards life stucked.

When he attends a seminar about personal growth, he gains an unusual experience, and the revelation is, that he decides to make in the future to every new challenge a YES. So he meets the friendly and unusual, but also complicate Renee, and gets in a number of problems … how he will save them, you can see in the film.


The movie THE SHIFT (originally FROM AMBITION TO MEANING) is a wonderful film, which talks about the view on life, how it is important, that we move from ambition to their purpose or mission, and that we listen to our inner voice.

The main role in the film is Wayne Dyer (with him part of the team of cameramen interview), at the same time, however, are taking place in the movie’s other stories, that somehow summarize the essence of all that Wayne Dyer says in an interview. When Dyer in his 68 years was offered to appear in this film, he wasn’t looking for excuses in the sense of: “I’m not a player”, but he has successfully dealed with it, and it is a great movie with a deep content and message.


The eternally youthful Louise L. Hay shows in it, how you can heal your life. In the movie appear Gregg Braden, Dr. Wayne Dyer and many other authors of self-help books, who are giving us inspiring thoughts and messages.

Louise L. Hay is certainly one of the pioneers of the movements for self help. Certainly the is no women in Slovenia, who hasn’t during her search for the way to encountering her, if you can say so, read “the Bible”, entitled LIFE IS YOURS. Louise has with her boundless love and faith in a positive approach to life helped countless people, who are starting to exploit their creative power and have more faith in their talents and self-healing skills.


The movie THE PURSUIT of HAPPINESS was recorded in 2006 by the real life story of Chris Gardner (Will Smith), who is smart and talented, a petty trader, who is barely breaking life. With a son, Christopher (Jaden Christopher Syre Smith), he is thrown out of their apartment in San Francisco and they have nowhere to go.

When Gardner finally gets an internship at a prestigious brokerage house, he has gone through a lot with his son, from living in shelters to following their dreams of a better life. In the film there are a lot of inspirational dialogues, personally I think the best is the one with his son, where Gardner tells him always to believe that he can do anything and that he must protect his dreams.


I am almost certain, that you have never heard of the French film LA BELLLE VERTE (The Green Beautiful), which was created in 1996. In this film, it is interesting, that they didn’t want to get too much media attention, as it clearly depicts the triumph of modern society.

It shows us, what a multitude of nonsense we are connected “and” what kind of freedom is to be “unplugged”. The film is about a planet, where people long ago realized the folly of industrialization and boycotted the unnecessary necessities only stifling the spirit and prevent the development of human skills – TV’s, cars, computers, medicines, cleaners, etc.

To be too “non-commercial”- oriented is not desirable, because only with the sale of such “things” or otherwise you can (financially) run the modern world.

Which will be the first you will see? It is up to your choice or your inspiration.

Enjoy and love yourself!

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