How to enjoy in life?

The life we are living is a string of lessons, teachings, wisdoms, realizations, rises and falls. We feel that the pulse of life is like the death train in an amusement park. First, a long, slow climb, than a dizzying … Read More

Thoughts – words – actions

“Everything you think of – you want. All you’re talking about – you want. All you focus on it – you want. Everything you’re afraid of – you want. What you expect to happen – that’s what you want to … Read More

Why unnecessarily wasting your energy?

Recently, especially on Facebook, I’ve noticed an interesting trend – the public expression of gratitude. It’s a process, where a specific person must express for certain days her gratitude and she or he calls also her/his Facebook friends to do … Read More

Movie for all dance enthusiasts

Movie Dance With Me is absolutely a movie with corazón. In the film you can see some great dance performance, full of emotions, passion and love. However, the winner is the dance club scene, which you can see in the … Read More

How to get a good internal feeling?

A few days ago I asked myself one simple question: “When my life went well?” After a brief review of my life, I’ve come to the simple conclusion, everything went well, when I had inside that cozy, joyful feeling of … Read More