How to enjoy in life?

The life we are living is a string of lessons, teachings, wisdoms, realizations, rises and falls. We feel that the pulse of life is like the death train in an amusement park. First, a long, slow climb, than a dizzying decline, and when we are at the lowest point, slowly up again, to the next hill-top, from where we descend into the deep again. We make a looping or two on the way, but then we safely reach our goal.

It is the same with our lives, when we are faced with different challenges, tests, victories and defeats. At times we are on top of the world, we feel like we own it; other times we fall into a pit of despair, sadness, tears. Life is a game, laughter, delight, despair, happiness, success, money, joy, death, birth, abundance… Life in its fullness comes in 1000 different ways.

What would life be like without rises and falls? Would we even enjoy it?

Let’s learn to enjoy this path, the path of realizations that our life has intended for us. Let’s not let the meaning of our life to be a chase for certain goals and achievements. Instead, let’s learn to enjoy every moment we have; when we feel like taking a break and just smelling the flowers on the way – to stop without feeling guilty and enjoy the beauty around us.

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