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For people, who hear good, the following things are quite self explanatory: listening to music, the sound of the phone, the noise of cars passing, the voice of automobile engine, bubbling water, wall clocks, barking and … Such everyday sounds we don’t even consciously pay attention to, and it often seems like it’s some kind of extra “mover and shaker” noise.

Can you imagine the joy of a man, when he after almost two years hears again the above mentioned things? The music, no matter what it is – it is simply divine, the noise of passing cars tunes to symphony, the voice of the automobile engine seems like a cat purr, bubbling water is like waves on the shore, the ringing of the wall clock is calming, and barking seems like the song of the greatest opera singer.

But seriously – we pay not enough attention to that every day miracles. When I went last weekend for a walk, the passing cars seemed like a really tuned symphony, and at each, which were driving past me, I just jumped in the air with joy. 🙂 Yes, it is necessary to appreciate what you have, what you feel, see, hear … just so is possible some progress in the medical field.

I don’t remember how many years ago, but it seems to me that this was about six years ago, when my friend Boris Vene send me his book, he has written with the title Health is in us, then subtitled »With the help of doctors, healers and self-healing processes to establish an optimal state of health«. The book impressed me, because I’ve read the various lessons and research on the topic of health, nutrition and treatment.

But somehow it was not yet the right time to read it in its entirety. When I was just over two years ago, deteriorated again, I searched for a solution for my hearing, and I opened this book again and read it from beginning to end, and not just once, but several times. In any event, this was a book, that gave me hope, that change in the field of hearing is possible too.

I found out about a year ago for one more interesting gentleman from Russia, academician Dr. Georgij Nikolajevič Sitin. When he was 75 years old, the Russian Medical Academy of Sciences studied his biological age. Scientists have come up with a surprising conclusion – despite his 75 years, his biomarkers pointed the age of 30-40 years. Today this gentleman has more than 90 years, and his biological age is not increasing.

This was yet another stone in the mosaic of people that possess exceptional uncovered skills. Somehow I managed to get his book, and when you read his healing affirmations or sessions, you can see that they are quite different from the classic western authors, such as Louise L. Hay. On the basis of Sitin’s texts, I’ve created the following healing affirmation:

“With the glowing light of lightning and the infinite power of thunder, I’m feeling … My hearing, it nourishes, regenerates, it nourishes, regenerates, it nourishes, regenerates, optimizes, builds, improves, increases … It nourishes, kicking up to … growing merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily improves and increases.”

The difference is obvious, isn’t it? 🙂 Whether is it the natural the process of aging? Is it really necessary that we over years get weaker in our health and psycho-physical well-being? The academician Sitin proves us, that we can be able to reverse the process or stop this process. This is also something Deepak Chopra wrote in his book “Ageless body, Timeless mind”.

During my research I came across Dr. Frank J. Kinslow and his technique of QE (Quantum Entrainment), and I even went to his seminar in Zagreb. So I added a missing piece to the puzzle, but it still wasn’t it. The technique is superb, I still do it myself on a daily basis (in my own way), and it allows me to bring me inner peace.

Then I met another Quantum Jumping from Burt Goldman, and in a quantum jump, which I found out, I came up with interesting information from my “doppelganger”, but more about that another time, because it is really an unusual technique. If you know how to properly combine with QE, the things become even more “interesting”.

Then two months before my friend Boris, which I already mentioned a little earlier in reading his (still unreleased) book Health is in us, and subtitle How I have by using the ancient wisdom and the latest scientific knowledge beaten the worst time in my life. For those who don’t know – Boris was three times diagnosed with serious diseases and doctors gave him only six months to live.

zdravje-je-v-nasMost people, who are on the road to heal, deal mainly with the symptoms, but they are not looking for the reasons, due to internal emotional and unconscious feelings in the body. With that, when we work on a deeper level and, as we were peeling an onion, we come to the point, to purify ourselves and the consequent symptoms don’t play any roles, which means that we heal the disease at the source.

When I got his new book in my hands, I literally devoured it, page after page. What was not completely clear about the so-called “new age movement”, I read in the sixth chapter in the book and it has become completely logical and understandable. The knowledge of the ancient School of mistery, when we actually go in ourselves and conquer, than we have the power of inner transformation.

The book is really excellent and worth reading (you can also order it through www.e-knjigarna.si), and as you will see, the book has two pleasant surprises (bonus). However, it would be advisable that everyone has it, regardless of the medical condition, on his bookshelf. In it he described many exercises carried out by Boris on his way of the physical, emotional and mindless detoxification, and that are recommended to be carried out also in itself.

As I have already said in a statement about the book: “It’s definitely one of the best, if not the best book on the subject of health I’ve ever read. With each side controlling not only read a part of Boris life, but also a part of your interior. This is a book that opens the heart and inspires you to be more loving with yourself, to forgive and to love.”

In the last article of this year I wanted to give you some insights on the topic of health, energy, emotions, and, in particular, about the fact that we’ve got in ourselves bigger self-healing abilities, as we think. Yes, health is truly within us, of course we’re the ones who need to do something in this area. We have to raise the awareness, refine ourselves, and above all to recognize the healer, which is within ourselves.

I wish, that the year 2018 will be accompanied by an abundance of health, joy and love!

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