Gift or punishment

“Every school costs. You can take the lessons as a GIFT or as a PUNISHMENT. The choice is always yours.” – Robert Goreta Every situation in your life is a gift.

Thoughts – words – actions

“Everything you think of – you want. All you’re talking about – you want. All you focus on it – you want. Everything you’re afraid of – you want. What you expect to happen – that’s what you want to … Read More

Let’s make space for the new things

When there’s a certain void in the universe (vacuum), the universe strives to fill that void, because it dislikes the void. We often overlook the direct connection between our overly stuffed living spaces and our financial situation. We hold tight … Read More

My “bed” lessons

The last few days have been very interesting for me, because I’ve put myself various vital issues. Last week I was forced to be in bed (illness), because I had fever and I was practically all Wednesday spending in bed. … Read More

Why unnecessarily wasting your energy?

Recently, especially on Facebook, I’ve noticed an interesting trend – the public expression of gratitude. It’s a process, where a specific person must express for certain days her gratitude and she or he calls also her/his Facebook friends to do … Read More

How to get a good internal feeling?

A few days ago I asked myself one simple question: “When my life went well?” After a brief review of my life, I’ve come to the simple conclusion, everything went well, when I had inside that cozy, joyful feeling of … Read More