Future starts every morning

“My future starts when I wake up every morning. Every day I find something creative to do with my life.” – Miles Davis, Musician and Composer Every morning is a new day, every morning is a new hope, so follow … Read More

Be an eagle. Be free.

”Stop being a prisoner of your own story. Open your mighty wings. Fly. Be an eagle. Be free.” – Robert Goreta Open your mighty wings and fly towards your dreams!

Do it now!

Day after day I can hear a lot of people saying the same thing: »I don’t have time!«. All the people in the world, whether we are successful businessmen, presidents of the countries, workers, retired people, sportsmen, we all have … Read More

How to enjoy in life?

The life we are living is a string of lessons, teachings, wisdoms, realizations, rises and falls. We feel that the pulse of life is like the death train in an amusement park. First, a long, slow climb, than a dizzying … Read More

In life, there is something more …

A friend of mine recently forwarded me a video in which Nick Vujičič sings a song SOMETHING MORE. Somehow “by coincidence” I have also managed to find a clip on YouTube, to which one good soul has added subtitles, so … Read More

How to get rich by reading?

A billionaire and writer of best sellers W. Clement Stone alleged that his life was fatally diverged by the book by Napoleon Hill entitled Think and Grow Rich. This book inspired Stone to give his co-workers books on personal growth … Read More

Money and spiritual world

Money spoils people. Spiritual people have no money. Money is the source of all evil. All rich people are bastards. Money is not the reflection of God. To be rich means to be unhappy. You can not be rich and … Read More

The operating system MY LIFE

“Life is going to »fuck« you for so long, until you realize, that you are the MAIN ADMINISTRATOR in the operating system MY LIFE.” – Robert Goreta Sometimes you just need to “reset” your operating system and delete all old … Read More

Why I’m no longer a motivational coach?

You may have noticed, that for some time I don’t speak of me any more us a motivational coach and motivational speaker. I even don’t run motivational seminars, as well as some are called, any more. For quite some time … Read More

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