The operating system MY LIFE

“Life is going to »fuck« you for so long, until you realize, that you are the MAIN ADMINISTRATOR in the operating system MY LIFE.” – Robert Goreta Sometimes you just need to “reset” your operating system and delete all old … Read More

The newest and most modern processor

“I don’t have a smart phone. I rather use the newest and most modern n-core processor – my brain!” – Robert Goreta Don’t be a smart phone – be a smart guy and live the life your heart desires.

Why I’m no longer a motivational coach?

You may have noticed, that for some time I don’t speak of me any more us a motivational coach and motivational speaker. I even don’t run motivational seminars, as well as some are called, any more. For quite some time … Read More

Do you follow your heart and your dreams?

Stories about ups and downs, about success and failure, about health and illness, about happiness and unhappiness are a part of our life. We all have seen the bottom, but also the top of the world, but what counts the … Read More

There is no excuse!

When I was still working on my book called Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way, I offered it to more than 30 publishers, but no one wanted to publish it. At that point I could easily give up … Read More

Miracles are possible …

For people, who hear good, the following things are quite self explanatory: listening to music, the sound of the phone, the noise of cars passing, the voice of automobile engine, bubbling water, wall clocks, barking and … Such everyday sounds … Read More

The most important question

In recent days I was thinking intensely about what to write on my blog. How am I supposed to write about something, about which I have (never), and so I could offer the readers a new, different look on life … Read More

Why unnecessarily wasting your energy?

Recently, especially on Facebook, I’ve noticed an interesting trend – the public expression of gratitude. It’s a process, where a specific person must express for certain days her gratitude and she or he calls also her/his Facebook friends to do … Read More

Rapid manifestation and creativity

There comes a time in life when you need something really fast, and then it is necessary to express the manifestation of the thing you want. However it is often so, that when we need things the most, they somehow … Read More

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